Prepare Your Home for Home Buyers- 9 Things You Need

Joe Polyak December 15, 2020

Prepare Your Home for Home Buyers- 9 Things You Need

There are 9 things that you should look for while you prepare your home for sale. 


How does the exterior of the house look? How’s the lawn look? Is it manicured? How does the paint on the house look? Is it grungy or is it in good shape? How about the front door? How about the windows? First impressions have a lasting impact, so consider these things while you prepare your home for the market. 


If you’re walking into a home with awful floors that are run down then it’s worth putting work into them. Or maybe they’re hardwood, do they need to be sanding and staining? With carpet, it shouldn’t have odor or stains. Should it be replaced or removed? Do you have tile that needs to be regrouted or potentially replaced? What about any laminate or linoleum? Floors are really important. It’s oftentimes the first place people look when they’re opening the door to the property.

Walls and Ceiling

The ceiling should be updated and the walls should have a fresh coat of painting with clean and updated windows. Don’t miss this when you prepare your home!


This is honestly something that a lot of people miss out on. It’s too easy to forget about light switches, light switch covers, outlet covers, etc. Oftentimes, even if they’re not old, there will be minor damage. These are very inexpensive updates that you can fix with very little cost. 

Light Fixtures

These should be modern and/or newly updated. Fixtures are also typically an inexpensive thing that can make a big difference in the overall feeling of the home. 


For example, doorknobs, door hinges, and door handles. Make sure each of these is clean, matching, and updated while you prepare your home.


Old tile, mold, and stains will make bathrooms look really bad. Replace toilets, old tiles, and repaint the tub if necessary. While these take work and time, they are also relatively inexpensive.


Maybe consider repainting cabinets, replacing the hinges, and changing out countertops. Take note of kitchen appliances too. If they seem worn, dirty, smelly, or greasy then put the effort in to clean them up. If they still look old, or if they have damage then look into replacing them. 


Similar to curb appeal, the backyard needs to make a good impression on potential home buyers. Is the lawn bright with healthy grass or stone and pebbles? You can also consider bark or mulch, or something similar that makes it feel comfortable and aestetically pleasing for guests. 

Now, the purpose of this blog (and the video below) is for people with homes that have not been through a recent renovation or remodel. However, most homes are fairly dated and haven’t been remodeled for at least 10 -15 years. These recommendations are great for those types of homes! They provide affordable ways to freshen up the spaces in your home.

I hope this breakdown was helpful. If you have any questions, I hope that you reach out to me! I’m constantly posting relevant information on the San Francisco real estate market. Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube!

Watch the video below for “9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Home Buyers”!

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