Don’t Trust What You See on TV: This Is the Truth About Home Remodeling

Joe Polyak June 15, 2018

Don’t Trust What You See on TV: This Is the Truth About Home Remodeling

When a buyer, seller, or homeowner is thinking of remodelling a property, there are a few important things they should keep in mind. Let’s discuss some of these points today.

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For all things construction and remodeling, Millennial Construction is your local one-stop shop. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Ashot Baghdiyan, who owns the company, to discuss what he does, and what today’s buyers, sellers, and homeowners need to know.

Starting off, I asked Ashot what advice he had for first-time homebuyers looking at older properties in our area. Many local homes are 50, 60, 70, or even 100 years old, so I wanted to get his take on how buyers should approach these listings.

The first thing he said was, “Stop watching a lot of TV shows.”

“They’re nothing close to reality,” he continues. Instead, Ashot recommends finding a good Realtor and contractor. Working closely with these professionals will help buyers truly understand the scope of the work that needs to be taken on.

Buyers looking at recently remodeled properties should also do their research. A home may look nice, Ashot told me, but six months after moving in a buyer may begin to encounter serious issues.

Problems with a home’s roof are especially common. A stable and well-maintained roof will be key to avoiding mold and water damage.

Another important set of issues to watch out for are those related to your home’s electrical system. These particular problems can be very dangerous, so it’s very important to address them quickly and with professional help.

Many of the points Ashot raised had to do with problems that could go unnoticed if not properly inspected. The presence of asbestos is one such issue. According to Ashot, “Asbestos is everywhere.” Older homes, especially, will be most at-risk for asbestos-related issues. Products today may still contain asbestos, but in very minimal amounts.

And it isn’t just buyers and homeowners who can benefit professional remodeling and construction. Sellers should also take a few points into consideration as they prepare to list.

Of course, a seller’s goals will play a large part in how, or if, they choose to proceed with pre-listing renovations. If a seller is looking to earn top dollar and can afford to make a few upgrades, that’s great. However, sellers who simply want a fair deal and lack the funds to make major changes to the property should realize that honesty is the best policy. Buyers will order an inspection during the transaction anyway, so it’s good to be transparent.

It’s also important to understand that what Ashot calls a home’s “heart and soul” must be taken care of before any superficial upgrades should be taken on. If a home’s electrical systems are faulty, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous its countertops are.

Whichever renovations you choose to make, be sure to get at least three different quotes before choosing the professional to handle the job. Also, make sure all three of these quotes is coming from a licensed contractor. You may be able to get cheaper rates by working with a local handyman, but it’s far better to trust your property to a true professional.

If you have any other questions for Ashot, feel free to give him a call at (415) 577-0516. And, as always, if you have any real estate needs you’d like to discuss, please reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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