Empowering Seniors: The Impact of Senior Real Estate Specialists

Valerie Mattei  |  December 15, 2023

Empowering Seniors: The Impact of Senior Real Estate Specialists

🏠 As realtors, we understand the unique challenges that come with helping senior family members enjoy their later years to the fullest. Take my grandmother (Nonnie), for instance, who lived to be 100 and lived a remarkable life. She and my grandfather moved from the East Coast to California after WWII, creating a vibrant life in San Francisco before settling on the peninsula, where they raised my dad and played a significant role in my childhood.πŸ‘΅

After my grandfather passed away in 1997, Nonnie continued to live surrounded by family, with my parents building their house on the same lot. This setup was ideal for an aging person, as my mom and dad were always there to provide assistance. However, as Nonnie surpassed 95, her health declined. She faced hip injuries and surgeries, leading my sister and me to support my parents in making crucial decisions regarding her care. πŸ‘©‍βš•οΈ

Despite initial reservations, we decided to have her return home in December 2019, a choice we now appreciate immensely, especially considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonnie peacefully passed away in her home in 2022, which was a serene end to her journey. πŸ˜‡

The years between her return home and her passing were far from easy. My parents became her primary caregivers, with my sister and me offering support every step of the way. We also enlisted the help of various healthcare workers, nurses, and in-home hospice care, some covered by insurance, but most not. Coordinating this support was akin to managing a three-ring circus. Even though my parents couldn't afford a night nurse, they were on call every night, setting up a walkie-talkie for Nonnie to use when she needed assistance. Her peaceful passing at home was what she deserved, and I wouldn't change it for anything. However, it's undeniable that caring for senior loved ones and finding suitable living arrangements is a challenging endeavor. This is where consulting with a Senior Real Estate Specialist becomes essential. 🀝

What is a Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®)? 🦸‍♀️ 

An SRES® is a licensed real estate salesperson with specialized training to cater to the needs of older individuals. Their training covers various topics, including housing choices for those over 50, home adaptations for safety and comfort, financial considerations, working with extended families, recognizing scams targeting seniors, and compliance with federal laws protecting older individuals. πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§

In our family's case, we didn't require an SRES® because my parents owned both homes on one lot, and they still reside there. However, they are now retired, over 50, and own two homes that may not suit them for the rest of their lives. 🏑 🏑

Moving after the age of 50 necessitates careful consideration. As we age, we must assess whether our current living spaces meet our needs in the present and future. It is crucial to plan early for safe and sound decisions in the long term. The primary motivations for people over 50 to move include freeing themselves from property upkeep, finding a better-suited space for their health needs, and financial considerations. πŸ™Œ

Moving at this age can be daunting for several reasons. People often hesitate to leave their homes due to the memories attached to them. Additionally, handling the repairs and updates necessary to prepare a property for sale can be overwhelming and costly. Conflicts may arise with adult children who may have emotional attachments to the family home, leading to potential resentment. 😧

An experienced Senior Real Estate Specialist® understands these concerns and can navigate the emotional and practical aspects of selling a beloved home. ❀️

What does an SRES® do? 

Guidance πŸ—Ί

They provide guidance for downsizing, a process that often involves deciding what to keep, donate, and prioritize for the next phase of life. After this crucial step, there's the challenge of dealing with the remaining items in the home. An SRES® can recommend experts for appraisals and connect you with professionals who can help clean, organize, haul, and move items as needed. 

Manage πŸ‘·‍♀️

An SRES® also has a network of contractors to manage repairs and maintenance, ensuring a quick and smooth sale. Additionally, an SRES® can coordinate movers and junk removal and guide you through local legal processes for disposing of hazardous materials.

Support πŸ§±

Senior Real Estate Specialists are skilled in working with the adult children of their older clients, understanding the influence of family dynamics and keeping the focus on their client's wishes and the goal of selling the home to facilitate the next phase of their lives. In these challenging times, an SRES® serves as the ringmaster, providing much-needed support during this hectic period.

If you or your family are facing similar decisions, don't hesitate to reach out to RISE Homes. We have an expert SRES® on our team, and extensive experience helping seniors in these significant times.  

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