Enjoying the flavors of the world at RIB Fest

Rachel Portnov  |  January 5, 2023

Enjoying the flavors of the world at RIB Fest

Living in San Mateo County means having the opportunity to enjoy different cultures and flavors, as well as explore area green space. Sometimes it all combines to form a fun event for those of all ages. Twin Pines Park in Belmont has a multi-use field, some trails, a playground, and a picnic area. People commonly come to the park for events and picnics, and that’s exactly what we did recently with RIB Fest, sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Carlos.


In this case, RIB stands for Rotary International BBQ, because the event was an opportunity to taste flavors from around the world. As Steve Carlson with the Rotary Club of San Carlos explains, the event brought in teams representing different global locations. Each team was tasked with making barbecue specific to their country or region in the world. 


RISE Homes participated as Team Ukraine. We made kabobs with lamb and tri-tip. There was also Team Taiwan, which made ribs and Team Germany, which made bratwurst. Of course, Team Texas knows its barbecue too, and made some tasty brisket and chicken. Other participants included Team Argentina and Team Morocco. 


While we’re excited to say Team Ukraine took home first place, the event was really a win for our community. The teams were made up of local groups, including some high schoolers, all coming together to do something fun for the community, while also helping others. Proceeds from RIB Fest go right back into our community. It’s just one of the fun events the Rotary Club hosts throughout the year in San Mateo County, and a great way to meet locals and enjoy some of the best parts of living in the Bay Area. 

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