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Listing Transformation Process

Joe Polyak November 29, 2021

Listing Transformation Process
If you’re wondering about the process of what we do whenever we get hired to list somebody’s property for sale, then read on. This might just be for you.
This is just kind of going over the details of what we do to get it prepped and ready for sale. The number one question is, why should I hire you rather than hire somebody else? And that’s a very good question. And I think that I should be able to answer that if I am worth working with the way that I take that. Question is, what is it that I can provide that’s valuable to you if you’re thinking about selling your home? What is valuable about hiring me versus another team? What value do we as a team provide? Generally, that comes down a lot to our listing transformation process.
Value in Pricing
I believe that our listing transformation process and what it accomplishes is helping our clients get the highest possible market price for their home while minimizing the amount of money that they have to invest; ultimately creating the highest return on investment for our clients who are selling a property. What I believe in and what our team believes in is delivering an exceptional “wow experience” to our clients. Hence, developing and maintaining excellent customer service throughout the entire time that we are selling your home is of top priority.
We believe in providing turnkey concierge service where we handle everything about the listing process from A to Z. Oftentimes this includes helping people with hiring movers or scheduling a storage pot to be delivered to their house or even ordering a storage unit and coordinating the movers to move their stuff. It includes dealing with contractors and all the vendors associated with selling the property. And we strive to take everything away from your hands for you to have more of your time, which is the most valuable asset that all of us have. The result? You’ll have more of your time to be able to do the things that are more important while you feel comfortable that we are taking the best possible care of your equity during this process. 
Creating a change
Now let’s start with our listing transformation process. We begin with a walkthrough and oftentimes it is with the client or without the client, and we just can go on our own. And we do a walk of the property and we create a list of items that we think would deliver the best possible return for our client. We’ve already either sold through an estate sale or just sold separately or donated or hauled away all of the remaining items in the property. Usually, our recommendations involve painting, any kind of repair work that’s required associated with painting, repairing dry rot, and fungus damage, things like that. It includes refurbishing the floors, doing the sanding, staining, hardwood, or installing luxury vinyl or carpet where it’s needed. Doing any kind of other repairs or improvements to the property. Oftentimes, we make a list of recommendations and we go through that with you as the owner and you make the final decision on what you think needs to be done to the property. If a property is in either rough shape, or it’s dated, or you as the owner feel that, you know, maybe it could use a full remodel of the kitchen or bathroom, or any kind of additional work, then that’s something else that we can also coordinate and work on as well, but that happens a little bit more rarely. Most of the time it is the painting floors, repair work, staging, etc. 
A crucial decision
There are times where a full remodel is needed. We have done that in the past and we can do it anytime as well. The next step would be to recommend some things that needed to be done for the client, and after getting the approval, we get bids from contractors. Now, we have our list of contractors that we regularly work with who are all licensed, bonded, insured, and that we work with many times in the past. So, we get good and reasonable pricing, albeit not the cheapest, but it tends to be the best value in the sense that for the price you’re getting a job well done in a reasonable amount of time. One example is sometimes a client will tell me, “Oh, I have a painter, you know, your painter quoted $5,000 for this job. Well, my painter quoted 3500.” 
When their painter works and begins working, what we realize is that what our painter could have done in about a week, their painter took three to four weeks to do, did a sloppier job, and wasn’t there to finalize the job, after all, was said and done. We’ve found that oftentimes, the contractors that we work with are very good, but we’re also always open to interviewing multiple contractors to make sure we get multiple bids to make sure you get the best possible price for the work. One of the other services that we can do as part of our concierge listing transformation service is we can front the costs for this work. So oftentimes, when we’re working with clients, what we can do is we can hire the contractors, you approve the pricing, and then we can pay them, and then we just get reimbursed when the home sells. And that way, it’s no out-of-pocket costs to you and we get multiple bids for multiple contractors if you’d like. Then, at that point, we present everything to you, via spreadsheet, and then you decide what you’d like to give a thumbs up greenlight to or what you prefer not to do, once we get the green light, and we’re able to move forward, we start working with a contractor. 
Moving day by day
We schedule them on a tight timeline to ensure that there are not going to be any delays or any downtime or nobody’s working. A calendar of activities is then created for everybody, and a tentative timeline is given to you. Most of the time, however, it’s pretty accurate. And we put a lot of buffers in there to make sure that we’re not going to go beyond what we initially tell you as far as dates and timelines throughout the whole process, we keep you up to date on what’s happening. Email updates with what’s happening with including pictures and videos are sent to you regularly as well. And in addition to that, we can also go to the property fairly often. Furthermore, we can take additional videos and FaceTime, send text messages, give you a call and you know, get your opinion on a couple of things. 
You choose what works for you
Clients can be as involved as they’d like. Oftentimes, we find that people, want to know what’s going on, they want to know what’s happening, they want to be in the loop, but they don’t want to be bothered with the minor details of what’s happening as long as we come to agreements in the beginning. But everybody is different and we just do our best to honor what the client wants, and make sure that we’re doing the best possible job for you so that you feel comfortable and confident that everything that’s happening is going according to plan within a reasonable time limit and for still a reasonable price. And there are no surprises or any kind of bait and switch tactics, which you know, we’ve heard that other folks have done throughout the whole process, we’re coordinating everybody to make sure the contractors are paying attention to detail that they’re not missing anything, and that everything is being done. And we’re on track to finish when we said we would and then once the work is complete, we do a final walkthrough with our contractors, and then put blue tape on things and just make sure that everything is completed with meticulous attention to detail and that everything is done up to a very high standard. That work that we’ve already done to the property pays off and just makes the property shine and makes it look its absolute best. Our goal with does all this with prepping a home for sale, which a lot of clients feel that when they do put a home on the market, they feel that it could use a lot of these things to be done to it to get ready for sale. The whole goal for us is to ensure that we do a great job that it’s done at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time, what we see is that our work ultimately helps our clients net an additional 50,000 100,000 or more dollars on the sale of their property than they otherwise would have all while saving time and not even having to come out of pocket and pay the costs upfront when they can just get the costs reimbursed at the close of escrow. At this point, once all the work is done, we’re ready for a pre-sale deep cleaning and then we go through our whole marketing and negotiation strategy.

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