Sewer Lateral Replacement

Joe Polyak January 19, 2022

Sewer Lateral Replacement
When selling a house 🏠in the San Francisco Bay Area 🌉 one of the most important things to keep in mind (that your realtor should explain to you) is that many cities have sewer lateral compliance point of sale 💵 requirements.
This means that before a home 🏠 can be sold, you have to have a local plumber 🪠 come out and do a sewer lateral inspection where they take a long thin camera and they put it into a pipe connected to the sewer (usually through a toilet or a cleanout pipe of some sort).
They run this camera 📷 all the way down through the sewer pipe to where it meets the sewer connection in the street.🚧
They are looking for any damage or issues with the sewer pipe (usually from tree roots, misalignment/movement, or just decay from being very old).
In one of our recent sales in San Bruno we ran into this issue where a section of the sewer pipe needed to be replaced. Here is a quick before, during, and after video🎥 where our friends at @DiscountPlumbingSF helped us out!
If you have any questions about point of sale requirements or anything that has to do with buying or selling real estate 🏡 in the San Francisco Bay Area feel free to call/text me at tel: 📲 415.595.2647

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