Why Work With Us?

Joe Polyak December 12, 2017

Why Work With Us?

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most competitive environments for real estate agents in the country. When I started my career as a real estate agent, I knew I had to work hard and build my business in a way that would make me stand out. I learned some valuable lessons early on that have helped me build my team and grow my business.

So, why should you work with the Joe Polyak Group to achieve your real estate goals? What do we do that sets us apart from other agents in the area?

Everything starts with understanding my clients. We start every transaction with an initial consultation, which can last one or two hours. During this time, we’ll ask about your goals, why you are looking to make a move, and more in order to understand what’s important to you.

If I can put myself in your shoes, then I am better equipped to get you what you want.

Real estate is a relationship business. I want my clients to look back on the time they spent with me and see me as someone who is a true fiduciary. I am here to look out for your best interests as opposed to just a commission check.

My value to my clients lies in my ability to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. You only have one chance to buy and sell a particular property, so for someone to put their trust in me to make it happen is a huge responsibility.

It’s an obsession of mine to become an expert negotiator. I’ve read dozens of books on the topic, attended many seminars, hired business coaches, and regularly consulted with other top agents to learn what’s happening in their transactions in case something similar happens in one of mine.

One of the most important factors in being able to negotiate effectively is your confidence and expertise in a given field. In real estate, that involves knowing the contracts and local market very well. There is no substitute for preparation. Negotiation comes down to the ability to walk away and the skill to not have to. I’ve made it my mission to master that skill.

I make it a point to keep clients in the loop about what’s going on with their transaction at all times.

For example, I sometimes sell homes where the seller inherited the property and lives in another area. There are often contractors working on the home to prepare it for sale. I send the owners pictures and status updates until the home is ready to be on the market. Once the home is on the market, I send open house reports with the number of people that came through. I include any feedback from those prospective buyers as well. We will also email you examples of our marketing materials.

I will keep you in the loop throughout the entire transaction.

One of the main complaints about Realtors is they don’t answer their calls or communicate regularly. I often hear people say that Realtors get the contract signed and then disappear. It’s important to me to change that perception and be available to my clients. I will respond to any calls, texts, or emails promptly. I have my phone with me 24/7.

Since each real estate transaction has so many components involved, I believe it’s important that our team focuses on specialization. I’m the lead agent and basically the manager of the team, so I overlook the whole process to make sure things go smoothly. I will negotiate with other agents, review offers with seller clients, write offers and present them to buyer clients, and oversee contractors and vendors throughout the process.

We have a transaction coordinator who handles all of the paperwork, orders inspections, prepares disclosures, and sends documents to the concerned parties. We also have a marketing coordinator who handles marketing for our listings and a buyer’s agent.

It’s important that we find the perfect mix of talented people who share our vision and our values to make sure that our clients are taken care of throughout the transaction and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to interview us, just give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help!

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