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Residential Real Estate Trends Across The Nation!

Welcome to our September newsletter, where we’ll discuss residential real estate trends in San Francisco and across the nation. This month, we’ll examine the state of … Read more

Housing Affordability In San Francisco | March

This month, we examine how housing affordability in California may affect future demand by looking at housing affordability in relation to price, interest rates, and p… Read more

Bay Area Home Sales Surge as Buyers Sense an End to the Pandemic

This month, we examine how the housing under supply contributes to increasing home prices, as well as the market effects of the large increase in mortgage rates since … Read more

San Francisco And San Mateo Market Update

San Francisco County and San Mateo County’s real estate market has been continuously updating and the primary purpose of this article is to review some of the data. … Read more

1031 Exchange And Investment Properties

Selling an investment property? Here’s how to defer paying the capital gains tax, If you’re thinking about selling an investment or business-use property, you could be… Read more

What’s It Like Living In San Mateo Village

A convenient location is just one of the major draws when it comes to living in the quaint neighborhood of San Mateo Village. Often shortened to just “The Village” by … Read more

Should I Buy a Home Now, or Wait? Things to Consider

A question that is asked pretty often by a lot of people who might be thinking about buying a home but is not necessarily in a rush. A lot of folks might have a lease … Read more

California Sb9: What It Means And How To Make It Work To Your Advantage

A new state law is poised to dramatically change single-family zoning restrictions in neighborhoods across California. It’s called SB9, and it’s already causing some c… Read more

Listing Transformation Process

If you’re wondering about the process of what we do whenever we get hired to list somebody’s property for sale, then read on. This might just be for you. This is jus… Read more

Sewer Lateral Replacement

When selling a house 🏠in the San Francisco Bay Area 🌉 one of the most important things to keep in mind (that your realtor should explain to you) is that many cities … Read more

Low Inventory, High Demand – The Biggest Takeaways from the 2021 San Francisco Real Estate Market

As we begin 2022, we’re just now getting our first complete look at the 2021 San Francisco real estate market. The San Francisco Association of Realtors recently relea… Read more

A Closer Look at San Mateo County’s Hot 2021 Housing Market

A Closer Look at San Mateo County’s Hot 2021 Housing Market The latest numbers are out, proving once again the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market is hot! We r… Read more

Think Your Home Is Covered? | 3 Checks For Homeowner’s Insurance With Special Guest Roger Heighton

Think Your Home Is Covered? | 3 Checks For Homeowner’s Insurance With Special Guest Roger Heighton A lot of people are so focused on finding the right home or proper… Read more

Tips For Getting The Best Return On Investment When It’s Time To Sell

Tips for getting the best return on investment when it’s time to sell Selling a home is more than just putting it on the market and hoping for a good sale price. We … Read more

How Rise Homes Markets A Property

Want a top price for your home? Make marketing a priority There are three main things involved in selling a property. The first is the listing preparation, which mea… Read more

San Mateo Market Is On Fire!🔥

Low supply, high demand for San Mateo Co homes. Now, condos starting to catch up As we move further and further into 2022, we’re getting a better look at the local r… Read more

High Competition For San Francisco Homes

Low inventory, high competition & affordability issues plague San Francisco housing market It’s always interesting to take an in-depth look at the local housing mark… Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Living Under An Hoa

Many buyers in the San Francisco area are simply being priced out of the single-family home market right now. That has more and more people turning their attention to … Read more

San Mateo County Homes Selling Quickly & At Top Prices, Condos Picking Up

The latest data is out, and it proves the real estate market in San Mateo County is still red hot, especially when it comes to single-family homes. The latest data rel… Read more

San Francisco Housing Market Braces For Higher Interest Rates

New data is out for San Francisco’s housing market, and we’re beginning to see some of the first signs of what higher interest rates could mean for the local market. T… Read more

The Advantage Of Getting A Pre Sale Home Inspection

Most people are probably familiar with buyers requesting a home inspection, but it’s becoming more and more common for sellers to initiate a pre-sale home inspection t… Read more

Don’t Be Fooled By Sky-high Promises! How We Use Comparable Sales Data To Sell Homes

When most people first contact a real estate agent about selling their home, the very first thing they want to know is how much their home is worth. They really want t… Read more

Higher Interest Rates But Still A Hot Sf Housing Market

I get a lot of questions about what to expect with the housing market in the near future. It’s no wonder because there are all kinds of news articles out there suggest… Read more

Interest Rates Begin Creeping Up Amid San Mateo Co Housing Market

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the housing market. Some people wonder if it’s starting to slow down or even if there’s another crash coming. From what I’m see… Read more

Easy Ways To Freshen Up A Home Before Listing

Oftentimes when we take on a new listing, the home needs a few updates. This doesn’t always mean major work, but it does mean making some key improvements, both inside… Read more

A Potential Route to Affordable Home Ownership in San Francisco

Understanding TICs — An alternative to traditional homeownership  If you’re looking to buy in the Bay Area, but you’re having a little trouble finding something to fi… Read more

Mid-Summer Real Estate Market Trends

Welcome to this blog where we’ll explore residential real estate trends in San Francisco and across the nation. We examine how buyer demand might shift during the rest… Read more

Home Warranties: What’s Covered, Whats’s Not, And How To Save Money

When it comes to protecting your investment, a home warranty can really save you a lot of money if something goes wrong. Andrea Bologna is a home warranty specialist w… Read more

Showcasing Westwood Knolls: Plenty Of Hills, Greenery & Nearby Conveniences

For a quaint neighborhood with views stretching all the way to Downtown San Francisco, the Westwood Knolls neighborhood of San Mateo offers a quiet and convenient plac… Read more

Exploring The Hills, Convenience & Diversity Of San Francisco’s Glen Park Neighborhood

Known for its hilly streets, its convenience, and its diversity, the Glen Park neighborhood is one of the best places to feel like you’re in the suburbs, without ever … Read more

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